Providing CEO’s, C-Suite Executives, Leadership Teams and Boards with Expertise, Experience for Improving Organizational Performance, Effectiveness and Workplace Culture.



With over 75 years of combined experience, MillerDevine is  your go to for leadership advice and consulting services.  Serving all organizations including For Profit and Not For Profit entities with a special focus on healthcare, physician groups, higher education, governmental agencies, associations, and any entity looking to improve their performance, workplace culture, strategic execution, and community engagement with the right direction for success. We are here to provide the highest level of advice and services.

We focus on providing expertise with personalized service encompassing everything from team building, market performance and creating a top tiered workplace culture. This approach is based on real life experience at the CEO and Executive level for many years guiding high performing organizations. We also provide education sessions for leadership team on a variety of topics and motivational speaking to engage leadership groups. 


Rich is a seasoned CEO leader with over 35 years of  experience building robust leadership teams, executing strategic plans, expanding market share, creating a positive workplace culture, mergers and acquisitions and board relations that you can use as your guide for a rewarding career for yourself and positive results for your team. He has successfully used his faith, values, integrity, and love of people to create a legacy. He is the author of a book published in 2020 named "Leadership A Matter of Faith" and is a frequent speaker at events throughout his career.



A seasoned Chief Executive Officer and Executive with over 30 years of experience with a passion for creating top workplace culture, leadership teams and connecting people and organizations to communities for mutual success. His focus on defining clear missions and visions for organizations with core values to provide concise expectations. Joe is known for, engaging style impacting organizations and community leaders. He successfully negotiated and implemented a merger with substantial financial investments to improve access to healthcare services across the Philadelphia region. He also enjoys motivational speaking to leadership teams.

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Improving your organization's performance and workplace culture.

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All Business sectors with a special focus Healthcare
Physician Groups
Higher Education
Associations, Chambers
Small to Midsize For- Profits
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CEO & Executive Leaders Mentoring
Transitions & Successions
Creating Top Tiered Organizational Culture
Bridging the Generational Communication Gap in Organizations
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Strategy & Execution
Board Development & Relations
Leadership & Board Succession
Workplace Culture
Leadership Team Selection
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Leslie Hirsch
President, Saint Peter's University Hospital

I’ve known Rich for over 30 years as a competitor, colleague and friend, and have great respect for all that he accomplished during a distinguished career in health care leadership. His 5 Essential Guideposts provide practical advice and insight based on real CEO leadership and decision-making that are valuable to aspiring and experienced leaders alike. Rich’s insights also reinforce the importance of faith, values and humanity in shaping one’s leadership style for sustained success.

Salvatore LoDico 
CEO, Trinity HR Consulting

As then Kennedy Health's Corporate VP of HR, & later as the CEO of an HR Management Consulting firm, I directly observed Joe's leadership. He consistently reflects the attributes of an exceptional leader, including: 1) unquestioned integrity; 2) being fully trusted; 3) genuinely caring about others; 4) being a highly effective communicator, particularly in his listening; 5) inquisitiveness; 6) motivating, inspiring & influencing others to embrace his vision; & 7) self-confidence along with true humility. He is one of the most respected & liked (some would say "loved") leaders (not a common combination) that I've encountered in my 40+ year career.

Christina Renna 
CEO, Chamber of Commerce 
Southern New Jersey

As a young professional, I was privileged to learn from both Rich Miller and Joe Devine, each who served as Chair of the Chamber of Commerce Southern New Jersey (CCSNJ) Board of Directors. While preparing to lead the Chamber, Rich took time to meet with me to discuss the qualities and characteristics a leader needs to be successful in any business – integrity and courage being at the top of the list. Joe Devine expertly navigated a leadership transition at the CCSNJ that changed my life and exemplified how strong leaders become successful – setting goals, seeing a vision through, and the importance of open and honest communication. Rich and Joe are respected and beloved business leaders that have made an enormous impact on me, and the many who have been fortunate to work with them and learn from them throughout their extraordinary careers.

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